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World Homeopathy Day 2022: Theme, Significance and Why it is Celebrated on Dr Hahnemann’s Birth Anniversary?

WORLD HOMEOPATHY DAY 2022: April 10 is observed as World Homeopathy Day across the globe. The day highlights the importance of a field of medicine and its ability in eradicating some of the tough-nut-to-crack ailments. The day is also celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann. Hahnemann, born in Paris in 1755, founded this branch of medicine and is considered the father of Homeopathy.

Hahnemann, after being dissatisfied with the state of medicine during his time, decided to let go of his practice. According to him, the medicine he practiced did more harm to the patient than good. As a result, Hahnemann, after years of research, laid down the foundation of the doctrine called ‘Similia Similibus Curentur,’or ‘like cures like.’ And thus, Homeopathy was born.

World Homeopathy Day 2022: Significance

The day signifies the strong and stable grounds this branch stands on, due to which, the branch still enjoys substantial trust among the masses, despite being flooded with questions and doubts, especially by the allopathic community. The day, observed on the birth anniversary of the father of Homeopathy, is aimed at raising awareness among people about the benefits of what is touted as the pseudoscientific system of alternative medicine.

Homeopathy, time and again, has benefited various people and has treated some of the deeply-rooted diseases in humans, and this day is observed to shine a light on those instances. In addition, World Homeopathy Day also surfaces a platform for the members and believers of this branch of science to discuss the path ahead, and the strategies that will be required to pave it.

World Homeopathy Day 2022: Theme

This year, the theme for World Homeopathy Day 2022 in India is ‘People’s Choice For Wellness.’ The theme, like every year, is decided by the Ministry of AYUSH. On this day, a documentary made on Homeopathy, its benefits, and its contribution to medicine, will be released, in addition to multiple book releases.

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