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World Civil Defence Day 2022: Theme, History and Significance

Every year on March 1, people around the globe celebrate World Defence Day. This day was declared as a global holiday by the International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO) in 1990 and honours the significance of Civil Defence and the personnel who have sacrificed their lives for it. The ICDO is an intergovernmental organisation that helps citizens develop and stay secure while also protecting infrastructure and the environment.

ICDO stands for civil protection, civil defence, and civil safety. The International Civil Defence Organisation has 58 member states and 17 observer states and conducts as many training programmes as possible to improve the human resources of its member states’ civil defence cadres.

History of World Civil Defence Day

World Civil Defence Day was established by the International Civil Defence Organization. The International Civil Defence Organization, or ICDO, was created in 1931 by Surgeon-General George Saint-Paul who founded the Association of Geneva Zones, which later became the ICDO. Saint-Paul intended to build safe zones where residents may take refuge in times of war after witnessing the consequences of war on the populace.

Civil Defence, also known as civil protection, is the practise of teaching civilians how to protect themselves from natural disasters by teaching them how to prevent, prepare for, respond to, evacuate, and recover. The name and objectives of the organisation altered over a period of time to become the International Civil Defence Organization as it exists today.

The I.C.D.O.’s current constitution was ratified by the organization’s member-states in 1972, and it went into effect on March 1 of that year, the very date that is now celebrated as World Defence Day.

Significance of World Civil Defence Day

The day was intended to honour the achievements of national disaster-prevention services. It also raises awareness of the importance of self-Defence and prevention in the event of accidents or calamities. The contributions and efforts of these unappreciated heroes are honoured on World Civil Defence Day.

Theme of World Civil Defence Day 2022

The theme of World Civil Defence Day 2022 is “Civil Defence and the first aider in every home.” Some individuals still regard civil defence activities as anexaggeration of potentially catastrophic occurrences, making their job much more difficult. This year’s theme reiterates that there is no need to be a from the military or medical line to save lives during an emergency and that anybody canjoin a civil Defence organization and be of service during an emergency or disaster.

Word Civil Defence Day 2022 Quotes

The national service is the reason why many have lived to tell the tale of their survival. Let us all thank them for their efforts of protection on World Civil Defence Day.

More than the power to stop natural disasters, will be needing the measures to get ourselves out of that situation. This is what World Civil Defence Day is all about.

Today, we all need to be aware of safety precautions and self-Defence abilities in order to proceed safely through life. As a result, I wish you a well-informed World Civil Defence Day.

We can only hope for the best as long as we are well equipped to deal with the worst-case scenario. I hope you live up to this saying on the eve of World Civil Defence Day.

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