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Supertech Twin towers demolition: Noida authority to carry out test blast today

Noida’s illegally built Supertech Twin Towers are set to get demolished as the preparations are in full swing to raze down the residential society on Sunday.

Noida authority has roped in Edifice Engineering and Jet Demolitions to carry out a test blast in the afternoon on April 10 and residents of nearby societies, including, Emerald Court and ATS Greens Village have been asked to stay indoors during that period.

Located in Noida’s Sector 93-A, the test blast of the Supertech Twin towers will be carried out at 2:30 PM today. But the actual demolition of Supertech’s Apex and Ceyane towers will take place on May 22. The test blast will take place on four pillars in the basements and one on the 14th floor of the illegal structures.

The test blast is being carried out to ascertain the number of explosives needed for the demolition.

“A test blast will be performed at the Supertech Emerald twin towers situated in sector 93A Noida, India, on Sunday, April 10 at 2.30 PM. For your own safety, an Exclusion Zone will be enforced by the Military and Police. All residents within this zone are required to remain inside their apartments and refrain from standing on their balconies between 2.15 PM and 2.45 PM,” Noida authority issued an advisory.

According to the PTI news agency, the Noida authority and the two companies have done all the preparation for the blast, including setting up Aluminium sheets on boundary walls and use of geotextile fabric on the ground to prevent dust, splinters, and debris from going out of the premises.

Additionally, ambulances and fire tenders will also be present at the site during the test blast for any emergency, and police personnel will be deployed in adequate numbers on Sunday near the Supertech Twin Towers.

The Supreme Court had ordered the demolition of Supertech’s Apex (100 metre) and Ceyane (97 metre) on August 31 last year as the twin towers had come up in violation of building norms.

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