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Russia-Ukraine war: Embassy in Russia issues guidelines to Indian students

Amidst Kremlin’s Ukraine invasion, the Indian Embassy has issued a host of guidelines for Indian students studying in Russia. The students sought advice from the Embassy on their continued stay in Russia.

In a statement, the Embassy issued guidelines to Indian students in Russia.

The Embassy reassured all students saying, “at present, we see no security reasons for them to leave.” It is in regular contact with relevant authorities with respect to the safety and security of the Indian nationals, including students.

However, the Embassy stated that certain disruption of banking services in Russia and direct flight connectivity from Russia to India is taking place.

“If students have concerns regarding these aspects and would like to travel back to India, they may consider doing so,” the Embassy adds.

In regards to the academic programs, it stated that the Embassy has been informed by a number of universities that they have already shifted to the online distance learning mode.

Further, the Embassy advised the students to exercise their discretion in consultation with their respective universities on the appropriate course of action regarding the continuation of their academic activities without disruption.

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