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Rupali Ganguly Has a Perfect Answer For Those Who Say Anupama Looks Older Than Anuj Kapadia

If there is one television couple that is everyone’s favourite, it is surely Anupama and Anuj Kapadia. The two enjoy a massive fan following and are widely loved. Their chemistry, bond, love and romance are unbeatable. However, ever since Anuj Kapadia’s entry into the show, several people have repeatedly claimed how he looks younger than Anupama.

In a recent interview, Rupali Ganguly admitted that she has heard all these discussions and added how people have even trolled her for the same. The actress also explained why there’s a reason behind her looking elder in comparison to Gaurav Khanna (who plays the role of Anuj Kapadia). She mentioned that Anupama is a mother of three grown-up children and struggled all her life looking after her family. Contrary to this, Anuj Kapadia is a rich businessman who lives a luxurious life, and therefore it’s okay for her character to look older.

“I don’t care if people on social media are saying ‘oh she looks fat, she’s older than Anuj.’ Yes, I am older than Gaurav Khanna in real life. He’s 40. This year, he’s going to be 41 while I am going to be 45. I am proud of that. We play Anuj and Anupama in the show who are both 45 – of the same age. When a woman goes through the process of becoming a mom – when women like Anupama become a mother to three kids and also handle all their household chores, they don’t get time to take care of themselves. But, when there’s an Anuj Kapadia who’s a rich tycoon, he has all the time to take care of himself and his public appearance matters to him. That kind of a man looks young,” Rupali Ganguly told ETimes.

Meanwhile, talking about the plot of the show, Kinjal’s pregnancy has turned into a hurdle for Anupama and Anuj Kapadia’s marriage plans. In the recent episode, Anupama decided to stay back in the Shah residence till Kinjal’s delivery, leaving Anuj Kapadia heartbroken.

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