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Puma Is Now ‘Puma.eth’ on Twitter: What It Means

Puma has purchased a decentralised domain and changed its name to ‘Puma.eth’ on Twitter. With this step, the German sportswear brand has joined others like Budweiser to adapt to the up-and-coming blockchain culture. All “.eth” names are actually NFTs that are classified under domain category “Ethereum Name Service” (ENS). Any individual or company that owns an ENS becomes able to receive cryptocurrency, token, and blockchain-based assets.

As per the .eth leaderboard, Puma currently stands on the 13th spot. The list tracks ENS-enabled Twitter handles and ranks them according to the number of followers these accounts have.

Hollywood celebrities Paris Hilton and Shaquille O’Neal are the top two on the scoreboard with 16.8 million and 15.6 million Twitter followers, respectively.

Puma, at the time of writing, had 1.8 million Twitter followers.

The company has also invested in several NFTs, inspired by the cat family on OpenSea marketplace, a report by CoinTelegraph said. These NFTs include pieces from Cool Cats NFT, Lazy Lions, Gutter Cat Gang, and CatBlox.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are digital collectibles, built on blockchain.

Puma is, however, not the only lifestyle brand to have debuted in the crypto arena.

Its contemporaries like Adidas and Nike have already entered the sector.

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