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Poonam Pandey’s Husband Sam Bombay on Assault Allegations: Abused Throughout My Relationship

Last year, Poonam Pandey had accused her husband Sam Bombay of abuse and was reportedly admitted to the hospital due to injuries caused by him. He was later arrested on her charges. Now, the actress, who is currently a part of Kangana Ranaut’s show Lock Upp, has again opened up on her estranged husband and her ordeal. However, Sam has now reacted to her comments. In an interview with ETimes, he said that this is the first time in 4 years he is speaking up.

“I took the saat pheras with her seriously. Whatever Poonam is saying, it’s sad, unnecessary and useless. She makes news out of nothing because she loves to be in the news,” he began.

On being questioned on the domestic violence accusations, he expressed that there is a lot to domestic violence- from physical violence, verbal, emotional, psychological to mental. “There are too many things here. Millions of men are suffering and they have no way to get out of this. A woman makes one call and the police will grab the man and put him in custody. But I have to go to the cops 20 times and yet they won’t do anything. What else can I say?”

He continued, “Let me tell you that she charged me with molestation and sexual assault on our honeymoon. And, this happened within a week of our marriage. An FIR was lodged. A few days later, she called me back and said that molestation is a big word and she had no idea what molestation is. It is beyond my comprehension how one can be charged with molestation on his honeymoon. Later, she took back the charge. As I said, nobody will believe the man; whatever he says doesn’t matter.”

Last year, Poonam had filed a complaint against her husband Sam Bombay for alleged sexual assault. According to the police, Pandey was admitted to the hospital after lodging the complaint as she suffered injuries on her head, eyes and face. She also said that the beating lead to her getting a brain haemorrhage.

Sam, however, indicated that it was he who was in an abusive relationship. “I have been abused throughout my relationship. But 90 per cent of my relationship, she bombed me with love; I have never felt so loved in my life. So to say that I was in an abusive relationship, I disregard that,” he told the publication.

He made another shocking revelation about Poonam when he said that his wife has all qualities buy loyalty.

“Without loyalty, there is no trust and honesty, and then there’s failure. Good guys don’t make it. You have to be a bad boy. That’s how you survive. Has she ever complained about me cheating with anybody? I have had multiple relationships with celebrities bigger than Poonam. Has anybody accused me of assault? Never. Has Poonam been accused by other men of assault? Yes. So there’s a pattern here. And this is what the police told me; I had no idea about this,” he concluded.

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