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Long COVID part of our future: WHO explains how the disease can affect us

Sounding another warning regarding long COVID, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said post-coronavirus complications will be a part of our future and it requires much more attention than we are already giving it. However, the chances of contracting severe diseases due to long COVID can be reduced significantly through vaccination, the UN health agency also noted.  

We had 409 million cases of COVID cases we know about, and a significant number of them are suffering from post-COVID, we are working to understand this better every day, said WHO’s Maria Van Kerkhove.

All future scenarios of COVID-19 need to take into account as Post COVID-19 condition and provide the care for people that they need, everywhere, she also adds.

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Speaking on the topic of long COVID after Omicron, Kerkhove said, “We don’t know the answer yet, but there is no indication to suggest that there would be a difference.”

She further pointed out that post COVID conditions are real and WHO is working toward it to make sure that it is recognised in countries so that the patients get the care they need for the long term. 

Previously, WHO officials said that the long-term effects of the coronavirus can be critical, affecting every part of your body.

When people talk about COVID, they think of it as an upper respiratory disease, but it is more of systemic disease. Literally, it was affecting every part of the cardiovascular system one year down and later, said WHO official Dr. Abdi Mahamud.

Vaccination reduces long COVID complications: 

Van Kerkhove further pointed out recent studies have suggested that vaccination reduces the risk of developing long COVID.

Similarly, based on as many as 15 studies, UK Health Security Agency not only reduces the chances of long COVID, also people have shown improvement in Long Covid symptoms after taking the vaccine rather than deteriorating.

And, that is another great reason why one should get vaccinated, Van Kerkhove asserted.

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