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Koo self-verification goes live for general users on voluntary basis. Details

The homegrown micro-blogging platform, Koo, started the self-verification for the general users which is voluntary. The general public will be given the ‘Green tick’ as mark of verification. The prominent profiles on the Koo app get the Yellow tick. The self-verification is the first in the industry started by Bengaluru-based Koo app.

Any user can now self-verify their profile on the platform by using their Government-approved ID card. Koo app is available in eight languages including English. It competes with Twitter in India.

Users enter the Government-ID number, enter the OTP, and on successful authentication, get self-verified with a green tick in their profile. The whole process is completed within a few seconds, the company claims. The validation process is carried out by Government-authorized third-parties. Koo would not store any information during the process.

Aprameya Radhakrishna, Co-founder & CEO Koo said, “Koo is at the forefront of promoting trust and safety on social media. We are very proud to be the first social media platform in the world to launch a Voluntary Self-Verification system. Users can get self-verified in less than 30 seconds through our safe and secure verification process. This is a huge step towards lending greater authenticity to users and promoting responsible behavior on the platform. Most social media only give this power to some accounts. Koo is the first platform that has now empowered every user to have the same privilege.”

Voluntary Self-Verification FAQs

1. Does Koo store any kind of user details?

No. Koo does not store any data related to users. A Government-approved third-party’s service is used to authenticate the details. 

2. Will my ID card details show up on Koo after authentication?

No. ID details are only used to authenticate the veracity of the user.

3. Will other users get access to my name and ID card info?

No. The details on the profile of the user remain as it used to be before the verification.

4. Is it safe to enter my Government-approved ID card details on Koo?

Yes. The Voluntary Self Verification process on Koo is safe and secure. This verification process is carried out by a Government-authorized third-party. Koo does not store the user’s data.

5. Why should a user do this? 

A user who verifies his/her profile is identified as an authentic user, which in turn lends more credibility to their thoughts and opinions. Voluntary self-verification promotes genuine voices on the platform. It also gives them the same privilege of verification that was only available to some eminent accounts on other social media.

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