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iPhone 15 Pro Could Come With 5x Periscope Camera: Report

While the Apple iPhone 14 series is still months away from its release, rumours about the iPhone 15 lineup have already started surfacing. Apple is testing prototypes and component samples of 5x telephoto lenses for the iPhone 15 Pro. A final decision on who will be the manufacturer is expected in May 2022.

The information regarding the iPhone 15 Pro came from analyst Jeff Pu, according to a report by 9to5Mac. Apple is yet to announce information regarding its upcoming iPhone 14 series, which is expected later this year as a successor to the company’s iPhone 13 series.

When the components are approved, they will be included in the “high-end models of the 2023 iPhone lineup”, which should mean the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The likely maker of the lens will be Lante Optics, and expectations are 100 million units to be made just for Apple.

Periscope lenses aren’t new and are already available on a handful of Android smartphones. They allow the optics assembly of longer telephoto cameras to be placed horizontally and thus fit in modern slim phones.

While Android phones have adopted the technology for several years, Apple is traditionally trying to perfect a feature before implementing it.

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