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‘Highly Admirable’: Chiranjeevi’s Note For Fan Stuck in Ukraine With Pet Jaguar, Panther

Actor Chiranjeevi has penned a special note for a Ukrainian fan, who was inspired by one of his films to raise a panther and jaguar at his house and is now refusing to abandon them to escape the ongoing war. Giri Kumar Patil, an Andhra Pradesh doctor working in Ukraine, is well-known for his YouTube channel, Jaguar Kumar Telugu, where he chronicles his experiences as a pet owner of a jaguar named Yagwar and a black panther named Sabrina

Chiranjeevi penned a note for Kumar and shared it on Twitter. The note read, “Dear Dr Giri Kumar Patil, I am delighted and touched to learn that your love for Jaguars and Panthers was inspired by me. It is truly heartening that you are not willing to leave them behind during this unfortunate wartime and are choosing to stay back in Ukraine for the sake of caregiving to your pets Panther and Jaguar.

“Your compassion and love for these wonderful creatures are highly admirable. I pray for your safety during this challenging period and wish the war ends soon and normalcy is restored at the earliest. Meanwhile please stay safe and look after your pets. God Bless! Chiranjeevi,” the megastar concluded.

Kumar, an orthopaedic surgeon who goes by the handle Jaguar Kumar on social media, is locked up with his pets, a jaguar named Yagwar and a black panther named Sabrina, in a bunker beneath his house near Donbas in south-eastern Ukraine. On his YouTube channel, which has over 84,000 subscribers, Kumar, who lived in Ukraine after getting his MBBS degree, has been routinely documenting his efforts while caring for the two huge cats and procuring food for them amid the war.

Kumar is from Tanuku, in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Kumar expressed his affection for animals since childhood in recent media interviews conducted before the war began, and his desire to breed big cats as pets after seeing a Chiranjeevi film as a child. “I’ve always loved animals. When I first saw Lankeswarudu, I was enthralled by Chiranjeevi’s acts with the tiger,” he stated in one interview.

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