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‘Got Married in Temple, Didn’t Accept Gifts’: Renuka Shahane

Renuka Shahane has returned to Marathi television after a long hiatus with the new show Band Baja Varat. The actor revealed that her marriage with Ashutosh Rana was not a typical one. Renuka said, “Our wedding was not a typical one. We got married in a temple, so there were a lot of people there to bless us, but we didn’t accept the gifts. My eldest brother-in-law wrote me a letter in which he welcomed me into the family. So I’d say the letter is really meaningful to me, and I’ve saved it as a special gift.”

Renuka got married to the actor Ashutosh Rana in 2001. Shauryaman Neekhra and Satyendra Neekhra are their two sons.

Renuka Shahane rose to fame with the movie Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. Renuka said that Hum Aapke Hai Kaun made her a hero, adding that the audience felt she was a member of their family.

Band Baja Varat’s promos have already piqued the interest of the audience. Talking about it Renuka said, “The audience has responded positively to the show’s promo. They are happy to see me on Marathi television after so many years.”

Popular Marathi actor Pushkaraj Chirputkar will host the show. On her collaboration with him, Renuka remarked, “Pushkaraj will be the host of this show. Together, we’ll create a playful atmosphere throughout the show.” Renuka said that she had a lot of fun shooting for the promo with Pushkaraj.

Talking about the format of the show, Renuka said that Band Baja Varat is very different. “Future brides and grooms, as well as their families, will participate in the show, play some fun games with them, and learn about some of their most hilarious life experiences. The audience has never seen anything like this before, therefore there is a lot of excitement among them.” Renuka added.

Band Baja Varat will air on Zee Marathi from 18 March.

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