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Give AAP a chance: Kejriwal urges Goa, Uttarakhand voters ahead of election day

Ahead of the Goa and Uttarakhand election, scheduled to be held on February 14, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has appealed to the people to vote for his ‘new’ party, promising to deliver welfare and development-related work. AAP national convenor Kejriwal said, “In Uttarakhand, Congress and BJP ruled for 10 years each. In Goa, Congress was in power for 27 years while BJP for 15 years. Both Congress and BJP have only looted the people of Goa and Uttarakhand. If you vote for them again, they will continue looting you. This time a new party-AAP is there. We will deliver on welfare, development-related works. Give AAP a chance.”

Citing development works done in Delhi in various sectors including education, health and power, Kejriwal promised to deliver the same in both the states, if voted to power.

Kejriwal has promised to establish healthcare services and schools in all villages of Uttarakhand. He also assured that AAP party would increase employment opportunities to halt migration of youth from the state in search of jobs.

“To the people of Uttarakhand, I want to say that AAP will bring adequate employment opportunities so that migration stops. We will generate jobs that will be sufficient for the youth living here and the ones who have migrated…We aim to bring all of them back,” he said.

Similarly in Goa, besides schools, hospitals and employment opportunities, Kejriwal said that his party will begin mining within six months, give land rights and promote tourism.

“AAP is promising the people of Goa that we will begin mining in 6 months (after coming to power, if elected)…Mining stopped for 10 years under the BJP government, so no point in voting for them. Vote for AAP, give us a chance,” the AAP national convener said.

Heaping praises for Chief Ministerial candidate in Goa, Amit Palekar, Kejriwal said that he is an “honest man” and does not involve in corruption. For the party’s Uttarakhand CM candidate, Col (Retd) Ajay Kothiyal, Kejriwal said that after retirement, Kothiyal trained 10,000 children and got them admitted to the Army.

Elections to 40 assembly constituencies in Goa and 70 assembly constituencies in Uttarakhand will take place on February 14. 

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