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Flying to Singapore from India? Know the latest travel guidelines

Vaccinated air travellers from all Indian cities and from Penang in Malaysia and Bali in Indonesia will be able to enter Singapore without having to undergo any mandatory quarantine from March 16, a senior minister announced on Friday.

“To further facilitate business and people-to-people flows and bring greater convenience and choice for travellers, we will deepen our air links with Malaysia, Indonesia and India. From 16 March 2022, the Vaccinated Travel Lane(VTL) for Malaysia will extend beyond Kuala Lumpur to include Penang, starting with four daily flights each way between Singapore and Penang,” according to the statement released by Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

Similarly, from 16 March 2022, the VTL for Indonesia will extend beyond Jakarta to include Bali-Denpasar, starting with two daily flights from Bali-Denpasar to Singapore. The VTL for India will also extend beyond Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai to include all Indian cities. 

Airlines that plan to operate from these points under the VTL may submit their plans for designated flights to CAAS for approval.

The CAAS will also launch new VTLs for Greece and Vietnam. With the addition of Greece, we will have established two-way quarantine-free travel with all countries in Europe that have direct flights to Singapore. From 15 March 2022, Vietnam plans to reopen its borders for international tourism. With the launch of the VTL from Vietnam, we will restore two-way quarantine-free travel with Vietnam, which was a popular destination for many Singaporeans pre-COVID.

Key Conditions of the VTL

 The VTL is for entry into Singapore. All travellers entering Singapore under the VTL must comply with the prevailing VTL requirements stated at https://safetravel.ica.gov.sg/vtl/requirements-and-process. Travellers are advised to check the entry requirements imposed by the respective VTL countries/regions, which may vary across countries/regions and may change as the COVID-19 situation evolves. Applicants who require assistance with VTP applications can write to the Safe Travel Office through its enquiry form at https://safetravel.ica.gov.sg/contact-us or call the SafeTravel Enquiries helpline at +65 6812 5555.

Since September 8 last year, Singapore has established VTLs with 30 countries and regions.

As of Thursday, CAAS has issued 348,518 vaccinated travel passes to travellers from these countries and regions to enter Singapore between September 8, 2021, and Mar 16.

A total of 456,215 VTL travellers have entered Singapore. CAAS said the extension of the VTLs will help facilitate travel and “densify” Singapore air hub’s connectivity with “key markets”.


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