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Explained: What is Covid tongue and how can you spot it

As we step into the third year of the pandemic, COVID and also the infections caused by the virus are getting more and more difficult to understand. For example, many patients today do not complain of the classic symptoms like breathlessness or loss of taste and smell, instead, they are complaining of a wide range of symptoms which quite distinct from one another. And one such symptom is COVID tongue. Read on to understand the symptom and how to spot it.

What are the COVID symptoms on the tongue? 

COVID is known to hit your oral health too. Many patients infected with it have complained of bumps, swellings on the tongue, many also reported mouth ulcers. Such symptoms can cause discomfort while eating. 

Experts say that COVID tongue can be caused by the virus and also due to the heavy load of antibiotic medication.

Can Omicron cause COVID tongue? 

Cases of COVID tongue were also reported during the Omicron wave.

Tim Spector, ZOE COVID Study app had tweeted that, “….Seeing increasing numbers of Covid tongues and strange mouth ulcers . If you have a strange symptom or even just a headache and fatigue stay at home !”

Why these symptoms are less talked about?

These symptoms are less talked about mostly because of 2 reasons. First, maybe because they are less reported and secondly, they are less severe than the other symptoms of the virus.

WHO has, however, warned that Omicron symptoms should not be ignored as mild cold and flu. It might be less severe than Delta, but it is not a mild disease, the UN Health agency warned time and again.

What are the common Omicron symptoms?

Several studies have revealed sore throat and body pain, especially in the shoulders and legs, as the main symptoms of Omicron.

UK-based coronavirus tracker ZOE COVID app has said in a study that people suffering from the COVID variant also complain of runny nose, headache, fatigue (mild or severe), sneezing. 

The pain can be persistent and can keep bothering you till you recover from the disease fully. Patients suffer from numbness and weakness in the legs. Many also complain of stiffness and numbness of the shoulder.




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