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Elon Musk reveals 3 features that only Twitter Blue users can experience

Tech titan Elon Musk, who has now become part of Twitetr Inc’s board, has shared three features on Sunday that only Twitter BLue users will be able to experience.

Twitter Blue is a premium version of Twitter in which a user has to pay a monthly subscription ($3/month) to get access to premium features of the microblogging site.

According to the billionaire Musk, those who will sign up for Twitter Blue will get an authentication mark. Besides, a person will be able to edit the tweets in 20 seconds time. Twitter Blue will not show any advertisement to the user, Musk said.



On April 5, Twitter announced that it is appointing Musk to its board after the world’s richest person became the social media platform’s biggest shareholder with a 9.2% stake. On that day, Musk tweeted, “looking forward to working” with the board “to make significant improvements to Twitter in the coming months”.

The next day, April 6, Twitter tweeted that it is indeed working on a way for users to edit their 280-character messages.

The social media platform said it will test the feature in its paid service, Twitter Blue, in the coming months. It said the test would help it “learn what works, what doesn’t, and what’s possible”. So it may be a while before most Twitter users get to use it if they ever do.

Twitter blue is currently available in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In these regions, Twitter Blue is available for in-app purchases on Twitter for iOS and Android, or on twitter.com through our payment partner Stripe.

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