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Doctor predicts next Covid wave, says ‘Good amount of virus circulating, but…’

With the United States witnessing a fresh surge in Covid-19 cases, a doctor from New York City (NYC) has done some analysis and has claimed that a new wave is set to begin in few weeks.

At 1,600 new cases per day in New York City, Dr Craig Spenser said during his telehealth shifts, nearly everyone was infected with Covid-19. “Almost all were young (<40). All tested positive for rapids. None got PCRs,” the doctor wrote.


However, Dr Craig said that despite the rise in cases, the hospitalisation rate is low. “But what’s interesting is that even with the case going upwards over the past month, we haven’t seen hospitalizations jump at all in NYC . At ~25 per day, they’re at the same level as a month ago. That’s for a city of 8 million. A remarkably low number,” he added.



Besides, there has not been a single Covid case found in an emergency room in weeks.

Analyzing the data, the doctor concluded that there’s a ‘substantial community spread of Covid-19. That’s undeniable. It’s definitely not a brushfire like January. And I don’t expect that it will be, anytime soon. But there’s still a good amount of virus circulating”.

He also projected that there will also be a spike in hospitalization in the coming weeks, but it won’t overwhelm the healthcare institutions.

Dr Spenser suggested that new tools like monoclonals and oral antivirals like Paxlovid and a lot of vaccinations will prevent the next Covid wave.

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