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Declining cases of Covid-19 and Omicron signal the end of pandemic? Expert speak

As the covid cases are on a decline, all are thinking is it the indicator of the end of this pandemic? Will this pandemic end now or if not now when is it going to end? Seeing the waning cases, countries have started opening up their borders and relaxing curbs that were in force to contain the spread of the virus.

From what the world has experienced it is clear that the previous pandemics had first,second, third, fourth wave then the disease became endemic at certain places after which it eventually ended

‘In this Covid 19 pandemic, we also have witnessed the first second and recently the third wave. With the omicron variant predominantly responsible for the third wave, it has caused natural immunity to build in most of the individuals who got infected. Also with the rising no of vaccinations across the world the protective immunity against the Covid 19 pandemic is reaching its peak. So it is possible that this pandemic might end in the near future after we experience a fourth wave followed by covid 19 becoming endemic with few no of cases rising at these places,” Dr Harish Chafle, Senior Consultant – Pulmonology and Critical Care at Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai.

On Covid second shot

If someone hasn’t taken a second dose, he should definitely take it, said Dr Harish. It will protect against severe forms of covid 19 if even after vaccination someone develops covid 19 infection, he added.

On need of booster dose

From the studies and the experience, the world has gone through about Covid 19 vaccination it has been found that booster dose is important for all those who have passed 9 months after their second dose of covid 19 vaccine. As is a well-known fact that the antibody titre goes down after a certain period after 2nd dose of Vaccine and hence booster dose is essential to maintain the antibody levels to a protective level by taking this dose. It is essential for all the health care workers and all the senior citizens and all those who have comorbidities leading to a possible severe form of Covid 19 infection, Dr Harish said.

When we will be mask free?

I think the mask is the only thing that has protected all those who wore it correctly as per recommendations from any variant of Covid 19 that has come. That’s why I think masks will be the last thing to go away in this pandemic, the doctor said

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