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Covaxin certificate still valid: Bharat Biotech after WHO suspension

No impact on efficacy and safety of Covaxin: Bharat Biotech after WHO suspension

India’s Covid-vaccine manufacturing firm, Bharat Buioptech on Sunday issued a clarification that there is ” no impact on efficacy and safety of the Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin”, after the WHO suspended it from its COVAX facility.

The Hyderabad-based company said people who have taken Covaxinshot, their vaccine certificates still stand ‘valid’.

“For the millions who have received Covaxin, the vaccine certificates issued still stand valid as there is no impact on efficacy and safety of the vaccine,” the maker of Covaxin Covid-19 vaccine said on Sunday.

Bharat Biotech further said the company is slowing down its production of a vaccine for facility optimization.

“For the coming period the company will focus on pending facility maintenance, process, and facility optimization activities,” the statement read.

On Saturday, the World Health Organization (WHO) suspended Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin from its Covax facility attributing it to deficiencies in manufacturing practices.

“WHO confirms the suspension of supply of Covaxin produced by Bharat (Biotech), through UN procurement agencies and recommending to countries that received the vaccine to take actions as appropriate,” WHO said.

However, the UN body clarified that there will be no issues related to the safety and efficacy of a vaccine.

“The risk assessment to date does not indicate a change in the risk-benefit ratio. The data available to WHO, indicate the vaccine is effective and no safety concern exists,” WHO said in a statement.

The UN body said the suspension is in response to the outcomes of WHO post emergency use listing (EUL) inspection conducted from March 14 to 22, and the vaccine maker has indicated its commitment to suspend production of Covaxin for export.

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