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Chrome for Android May Soon Add a Check to Confirm Closing All Your Tabs

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser on Android devices. Google is always testing out new features for Chrome through its ‘Canary’ unstable release channel. There is a new feature that Google is currently testing with the Chrome 100 Canary build. The American tech giant has rolled out a confirmation dialogue box that pops up when Android users tap on the ‘Close all tabs’ menu option. This feature is aimed at preventing data loss from accidentally tapping on the ‘Close all tabs’ option in the three-dot menu.

The new confirmation dialogue box feature was initially spotted by Techdows. As previously mentioned, Google has introduced this feature in the Chrome 100 Canary build. In this build, when users tap on the ‘Close all tabs’ option in the three-dot menu, a confirmation box pops up that features a ‘Cancel’ and ‘Close all tabs’ option. This feature is currently not live in the stable build. So, if you want to test it out, you will have to download Chrome Canary. Then to enable this feature, you will have to open the chrome://flags page and select the ‘Enabled’ drop-down option for ‘Close all tabs modal dialog’. Google has not indicated if or when this feature will trickle down to the stable build.

Google has been testing out features for Google Chrome on other platforms as well. Recently, a new feature was spotted on the latest build of Google Chrome Canary for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS. Once enabled, the ‘Tab audio muting control’ flag, users can simply click on the speaker icon to quickly mute a tab. According to the Chrome flag entry, Google is currently tracking the use of this feature alongside the global media control section. There is no official word whether this feature will make its way to the Chrome tab or end up in Chrome’s global media control section

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