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BTS: Jungkook Records Message for ARMYs After Seoul Concert, Reveals Why It Was Hard to Perform

Yesterday, March 10, BTS held their first in-person concert in Seoul after almost two years. Although the ARMYs present for the concert was not allowed to scream, cheer out loud or stand up, they couldn’t contain their excitement on seeing the Bangtan Boys performing on stage. After the concert, Jeon Jungkook took to his official Instagram handle to speak to the fans. In the eight-minute video, JK said in Korean that finally after 2.5 years they had a concert in Korea, however, the wait felt like 23 years.

As translated by a fan on Twitter, Jungkook continued, “On seeing overall today, I was really happy. I was so happy. It really felt like coming back to hometown. It was so fun.”

He continued that singing along and cheering is a must and they couldn’t hear it. That’s why the concert was so hard.

Showing concern towards his fans as the weather in Seoul is cold, he said, “It was cold again once we cooled down. Still, since it seemed that ARMYs wore warm clothes today so I thought it was a relief. ARMYs who are coming on the 12th & 13th, it’d be good if you come wearing clothes in several layers.. even if you remove some layers if you feel hot please come several layers.. and gloves, make sure to wear gloves. It’ll be good if you bring hot packs, too. Since there’s a forecast of rain too.. though I don’t know if it’ll rain or not.. if you can bring raincoat too, it’ll be good.”

BTS’ last in-person concert at the South Korean capital was in 2019 October. After that, they had performed to an empty concert hall for the first Permission to Dance show in Seoul last year, which the audiences had to watch online.

From the introductory comments till the ending-ment, the septet kept referring to the fact that the audience was not allowed to cheer out loud or stand up. They were handed clappers, to be used while cheering for the band. The bandmates kept reminding themselves that they shouldn’t, even by mistake, ask the audience to scream or shout. Rather “make some noise” at this concert meant shaking your clapper vigorously, an act which Jimin imitated during his ending comments.

The septet consists of RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, V, J-Hope and Suga.

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