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BTS: ARMYs Who Couldn’t Get PTD on Stage Concert Tickets Are Donating Savings to Help Ukraine, Other Causes

It was no surprise when the tickets to BTS’ upcoming Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas were sold out in a matter of hours. But what may come as a surprise is how those fans who did not manage to get the tickets are reacting. Hours after the tickets went on sale for all four days of the concert, the organisers had revealed that the passes were sold out, leaving many fans disappointed.

But the fans decided to put the money they had saved for the concert to better use. BTS fans, also known as Army, took to Twitter to share how they will be donating the money they had saved, to several charity organisations and especially those to help people affected by the Russia-Ukraine war.

A comment by a fan on BTS’ recent tweet featuring rapper J-Hope read, “Hoseok, I failed to get a ticket. But I’m happy you will get to see other ARMYs. Let’s meet ten years later. It’s so hard (to get a ticket). My heart hurts. I donated the money for the ticket. I donated to the Ukrainian Embassy…Peace.”

While many fans are tweeting with the screengrab of their tickets and celebrating, there are other BTS fans who are sharing how they continue to remain optimistic for another concert.

One BTS fan who had failed to secure a concert ticket at an earlier concert of the South Korean band tweeted how they will be once again donating the money for a noble cause. The tweet read, “I failed to get a ticket during the ‘Speak Yourself’ concert too and donated the money to UNICEF. This time around, I once again failed to get tickets. I thought of that time before so I donated the ticket money so that I won’t feel bad. I will think about my next chance and will support you guys from afar. I will see you guys being awesome on stage. I purple you.”

Another Korean fan of BTS who failed to secure a ticket at their upcoming concert in the United States, tweeted, “Although the ticketing was unsuccessful, the remaining ticket expenses were donated to Ukrainian children. It was the money I was happy to spend, so it seems right to spend it on a good cause!”

Netizens are in awe of these fans who are turning their sorrows into something much more fruitful. One of the BTS fans commented, “You must have been upset, but your heart is so pretty. A kind-hearted ARMY. Let’s succeed next time. See you.”

BTS will be holding its first concert in Seoul since the pandemic hit the world from next week. The septet will be performing in front of a live audience on March 10, 12, and 13. The band will then continue their concert in the US on April 8, 9, 15, and 16.

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