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‘Boss Beauties Role Models’ NFT Collection Coming to UN Head Office

United Nations (UN) has decided to funk-up the message of women emancipation with an inspiring collection of women-centric NFTs. Titled “Boss Beauties Role Models,” the tokenised artworks from this series will be displayed at the UN headquarters in New York City. The pieces from this NFT collection will go down in history as the first digital collectibles to have ever made it to the UN office. That’s what NFTs are — digital collectibles with their ownerships secured and transferrable on the blockchain.

The collection brings together artworks from global artists raising voices for the emancipation of women. The pieces of this series have artworks portraying women of different ethnicities thriving in varied professions.

“It resembles our larger mission to empower women and girls at the forefront of technology, leadership, and creativity,” Lisa Mayer, the founder and CEO of Boss Beauties said, commenting on the development.

Artists that are part of this NFT collection are establishing a global network of ‘Role Models’ to help spread education and women empowerment message in their local communities.

For International Women’s Day that is observed each year on March 8, the Boss Beauties project will be holding a massive event at the UN headquarters to further its message.

The limited Boss Beauty Role Models collection has been listed on OpenSea NFT marketplace to be sold via a charity auction on March 7.

As per OpenSea, the collection has 10,000 items with the floor price of ETH 2.35 or $7,281 (roughly Rs. 5.5 lakh).

The sales of NFTs reached some $25 billion (roughly Rs. 1,84,700 crore) in 2021 as the speculative crypto asset exploded in popularity, data from market tracker DappRadar showed.

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