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Ali Merchant Calls Ex-Wife Sara Khan His ‘First Love’ Despite Their Short-Lived Marriage

Television actor and now a full-time DJ, Ali Merchant recently opened up about his short-lived wedding with Lock Upp contestant Sara Khan. The two actors had tied the knot in Bigg Boss season four. However, two months later, the couple divorced. Speaking to The Times of India, Ali called Sara his ‘first love.’ “I was her first love. I am not someone who will pull down anybody,” he added.

The DJ also revealed that their marriage was done purely out of emotions, excitement, and maybe immaturity since they were very young. At the time of their wedding, Sara was 19 and Ali was 23. Talking about his wedding with Sara, Ali said, many people say that these people got married in a reality show like Bigg Boss, but when two people are in love the next step is marriage.

Ali also added, “We were lucky that time, ki hame vo opportunity milli by the makers to get married on national television and be the first person to do that. And it’s a very dreamy, very bloomy thing.” Ali said that in his opinion he does not think that anybody would have objected to it. However he also said that things that were unfolding outside the Bigg Boss house “were such negative energies, were such hard energy.”

The couple could not deal with those energies and he confessed that the couple was not that emotionally powerful. Ali said that he was emotionally weak and listening to all the criticism of their wedding made him break down. Ali revealed that the behaviour of his fellow actors, producers, and friends also changed after the live wedding with Sara.

The music artist mentioned that things had gotten so polluted and at that time he was not so mature that he could speak up about it. Because he himself was not clear about the wrong and the right things. Ali has also separated from his second wife Anam Merchant, with whom he tied the knot in 2016.

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