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5 Best Dumbbell Exercises to Tone Your Body

Exercising is good for the whole body. Weights like dumbbells, rods, and barbells can be used to perform certain exercises which help you tone your body. In case you don’t have any of these available, then you can use water bottles and heavy objects that are handy at your home, to perform strength training exercises. Let’s look at some exercises that can be performed using dumbbells to build strength and keep your body in shape.

Goblet Squats

You can perform it using a big dumbbell or two small ones depending upon the weight you can carry. Stand straight and hold the dumbbell close to your chest. Now, start squatting holding it in the same position. Keep your back straight and sit completely by bending your knees. Put pressure on your heels as you stand up. This exercise helps in toning the thighs and the upper arm as it puts pressure on both.

Shoulder Press

If you are a beginner, then start by sitting on a back-supporting seat. Now, take one dumbbell in each hand and bend your hands 90 degrees to the sides, aligning them to your shoulders. Now, push them upwards by joining the two above your head and bringing them back slowly to the 90-degree position. You’ll feel pressure on your wrist and upper arm while doing the exercise. It helps in reducing the excess arm fat.

Tricep kickback

Start with standing and bending a little to the front. Now, hold a dumbbell in each hand. Now, keep your upper arm static and push your lower arm to the front and down. Do not move your shoulders. This will help you gain strength on the lower hand by building strong muscles.


Lunges are a great way of building the core. However, you can do the lunges by holding on to some weight to have better results. Stand straight and hold the dumbbells on the side. Now, keep your right foot in front and bend folding both legs from the knee. Now, bring the left leg in front and take the right one back. Repeat it at least 20 times with each leg. You will feel pressure on your core, thighs and hips while doing the exercise.

Overhead Tricep Extension

Hold a single dumbbell by both your heads in a vertical manner over your head. Stand straight and now, bend your elbows backward so that your hands go to the back of your head. Do not move your shoulders. This helps in strengthening tricep muscles.

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