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5 Authentic Dishes Which you Must Try During your Goa Visit

Goa is one of the favourite tourist destinations. It has everything from the beach to Sun, from calm to chaos, from tradition to food. While people talk a lot about Goa, one thing that remains hidden is the authentic cuisine that the place offers. Now, let’s look at some of the famous Goan dishes which you must try when you visit Goa.

Goan Prawn Curry

Goa is a place surrounded with sea. Therefore, it offers a variety of seafood. One of the famous recipes include Prawn curry. Goan Prawn curry is sweet, spicy and juicy. It is made with prawns cooked in coconut milk.

Madiyecho ros

Colacasia tuber, which is locally called madi in Goa, is cultivated underground. They are losing their name on the menus. However, the dish is healthy and tasty. The nature of the vegetable is that it can make your skin itchy if handled with bare hands. Therefore, it is cooked with tamarind and kokum petals which takes away its itchiness. To make the madiyecho ros, one should take boiled pulses, boiled madi and add spices and jaggery to it. One can keep the consistency thick or liquidy as per the requirement of the person.

Sukha Tesreo

It is a local dish which is made with clams and potato. Clams are generally sweet but by putting spices and cooking them with potato, one can enhance its flavour. It can be served with rice or chapati.

Sevya Ros

It takes a lot of effort and time to make this dish. It is not something that can be cooked instantly in a day. It is a sweet delicacy which is also called rice noodles. For this, rice is soaked overnight in water and then strings are made using the fermented rice. Then, they are cooked and served with coconut milk.

Karatyachi Kismoor

It is a side dish made with bitter gourd. It is a traditional chutney that is prepared by soaking bitter gourd in water and salt to remove the bitterness. It is then cooked till it becomes golden brown. Then, grated coconut, turmeric, tamarind pulp, salt and red chilli are added to prepare the chutney. It can be stored for days.

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