Trump Was RIGHT! Feds Raid Florida Mosque And Uncover HORRIFYING Plans For Americans

It’s not a difficult thing to understand. All it takes is a little study and fact checking because the liberal view that Islam is the religion of peace is utterly false from its historical standpoint. Yes, peaceful practicing Muslims do exist, and they outnumber the violent radicals – but that won’t matter one bit unless the peaceful band together, call out the radicals among them, and fight back.

The world will get nowhere without them on our side, and neither of us can afford for them to live in silence while those who share the same religion are murdering and raping around the world.

Well, if so, then the alarm clock is ringing because the above-mentioned scenario is not happening in another nation, but it is happening right here in America! In Florida, in a mosque as the left cries for churches to be gun free zones, CAIR-Florida Regional Operations Director Nezar Hamze has been very busy taking his gun teachings to the very people who are most likely to harm innocents.

The Society of Sarasota and Bradenton not only is anti-American (which is vile, but legal) but they support suicide bombers and their families. All of this must mean the gun training at the local Baptist Church is allowable too, right Democrats?

Now with that, let’s introduce a new story to you that has unfolded in Florida, and see if any of the Democrats or anyone on the left sees a problem with it. CAIR-Florida Regional Operations Director Nezar Hamze, has taken it upon himself and others to hold firearms training in the Mosque, as a way to protect themselves…

The Society of Sarasota is considered by many to be anti-American – a disgusting and legal sentiment – as they have shown support for those who have committed suicide bombings and their families. Are the Democrats making any noise about this? Nope. I know we could apply this to just about anything, but here’s a question – would the Democrats care if it was a Christian church? The answer is a big resounding YES.

CAIR has been linked to terrorism, yet still, are allowed influence in the United States. There is nothing in the Constitution that prevents a church from holding such training, but with the details being as they are – CAIR, a supporter of terrorist groups like HAMAS being involved, and the fact that the left has been decrying for decades the act of carrying firearms in churches – you can see the hypocrisy here.

What of the NRA? How often have you heard the media and the Democrats call the organization that is made up of AMERICAN GUN OWNERS as evil, and responsible for the mass shootings around the country, all the while forgetting that the Obama administration’s gun-running operation had put guns int he hands of the Paris terrorists that slaughtered innocent lives?

This is insanity, and it’s far past time that we refuse to go barreling off the cliff to our deaths and start being honest with the facts. Use common sense. Political correctness is a Marxist tool to get you aligned with whatever the government wants you to be aligned with…and in this century, it’s the acceptance of radical Islam in any form.

It is perfectly legal to own guns and avoid law enforcement detection, that is not the point. The point is that we have a CAIR leader, with proven ties to terrorist groups, using his post with law enforcement to purposefully teach ways to a selection of people who are most likely to harm others due to their terrorist ties as well, and no one seems worried.

There are virtually no newspapers, magazines, talking heads, or even bloggers in their basements talking about Nezar Hamze at all. Instead, CAIR is out trying to sue the governmentfor stopping travel for 120 measly days and stopping travel from nations that even Democrat leftist Obama had deemed as terrorist supporting nations. CAIR want the terrorists here.

In the early 2000’s the group had been tied to Arafat and those that supported terror through him, even leading to arrests for giving material support to Al-Qaeda during a time that the United States was at its deepest with the war on terror. How many roadside bombs blew off our troop’s legs, how many lives were snuffed out by sniper fire, and how many innocents in even Muslim lands were raped or hurt because of this support? It must be understood that by funding Al-Qaeda, they were not just funding a differing point of view, but they were funding groups that were dead set on killing other Muslims, too.

The ties to this group and the terrible things that they do go all the way back at least to the mid to late 1990’s. It is not outside of the realms of reason to deduce that these may have been some of the people who danced merrily as the towers fell and crushed 3000 people to death, Muslims included. CAIR never cares very much for the families of those slain by terrorists but only for the families of the terrorist who killed and maimed for Allah. They never care about the wounded who fight the butchers who have ruined the Middle East but instead have chosen to call such terrorists “heroes” who died bravely for their cause.

Their cause then is to turn the whole world Islamic and under the iron fist of sharia law. Oh, they may claim to be just “on of us” with a different religion and worldview, but this is not true in any fashion. The Koran openly says that forced coercion is to be used to make someone either convert or die. The Koran says to use every weapon against those that refuse to allow Islamic ways to rule without question. The Koran even says that it is allowable to lie and deceive one’s enemies to reach this goal. That means lying to get into office under the guise of acceptance and lying to get a gun into a church under the guise of law enforcement and safety.

Now that America is politically correct to the point of suicide, each new accepted norm from Islam is like a game of Russian roulette with a lot more than one bullet in the chambers. The people pulling the trigger for us believe differently which is more than tolerable except for the grisly fact that “differently” means “against” in this instance. Radical Islam does not want to coexist, they do not want peace, and they do not want to get along with anyone. They want to march in the streets about how they hate freedom, America, and any non -radical persons.

They also want to teach likely shooters how to kill others from their pulpit.

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