Trump Just Caught Schiff Red-Handed In His Shocking ‘Dirty Russian Secret’ That Just Came Out

The left still cannot get over the fact that Donald Trump is president and show their outrage by throwing a temper tantrum for the last year. Those in the Democrat camp have thrown all sorts of allegations toward the Trump administration ranging from comical accusations to insane narratives that the mainstream media has pushed onto the masses. However, the worst of the leftist lies peddled has to be the Russian collusion story that has plagued Trump for over a year – even though there is no evidence that Donald Trump participated in any form of collusion.

In the left’s caustic attacks against Trump, they have sunk to all new low’s of evil to prove that he is unfit to serve the country as president. One deep state minion leading the attack against Trump is the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who has been busy finding ways to undermine the current administration by looking for ways to prove the Russian conspiracy. However, whatever flimsy credibility Schiff had was just blown apart after he was found conspiring with Russian “agents” on tape.

It is astounding that those on the left would instead look for ways to discredit President Trump then give him proper credit for leading our nation back to greatness. Jobs are beginning to return to America, taxes have been lowered, and there is an overall sense of hope and optimism in our country, but that is hardly what the left wants to see. These anti-American politicians rather push hate and division which is why they are continuing to push the fake Russian conspiracy story onto the public.

After a year of hearing this fake news story it is finally unraveling right before our very eyes, and now even Schiff, the man who was busy trying to bury the Nunes memo, has been caught red-handed colluding with what he thought was a Ukrainian politician offering up dirt on Trump.

In an audio recording recently discovered, Schiff is heard speaking to what he thought was an ally offering salacious information on the sitting president including nude photos of the president and a Russian reality show star. Ah, but who Schiff was speaking to wasn’t foreign politicians, but in fact, two Russian comedians that go by the names “Vovan” and “Lexus” who are notorious for their fake phone calls to high-ranking American officials and celebrities around the globe.

In the audio, you can hear Schiff discussing the committee’s Russian investigation to the fake Ukrainian Parliament, Andriy Parubiy. Parubiy is heard on the audio making outlandish allegations against Trump to Schiff and taking the call seriously.

Here is more from The Daily Mail:

“Schiff began the call by thanking the ‘chairman’ Andriy Parubiy for his time and warning him that Russian spies were likely listening in.

‘I would caution that our Russian friends may be listening to the conversation so I wouldn’t share anything over the phone that you wouldn’t want them to hear,’ said Schiff.

Vovan, who was posing as Parubiy, reassured Schiff: ‘I don’t think that will impact on our investigation.’

The fake Parubiy claimed the Ukrainian government had obtained recordings and documents that proved Vladimir Putin was blackmailing Trump with naked photos taken during an affair between the president and a Russian glamour model.

Vovan also claimed the Ukrainians recorded secret meetings between a Trump campaign aide and a famous Russian singer-turned-spy that took place at a non-existent mafia hangout in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Brighton Beach.

Schiff appeared to be taking notes on the conversation and repeatedly asked for spellings of names and documentation he could send to the FBI.

‘I’ll be in touch with the FBI about this. And we’ll make arrangements with your staff. I think it probably would be best to provide these materials both to our committee and to the FBI,’ said Schiff during the conversation, which lasted around eight minutes according to the recording posted to YouTube.

A spokesperson for Schiff confirmed he was on the call but claimed the congressman had suspicions that the caller might not be Parubiy and reported it to law enforcement last April.”

Do they think we were born yesterday? For the last year, the left has been pushing every fake Russian angle they can create. We are supposed to believe that Schiff would not fall for this and was doing the right thing?

Listen to the call and discuss your conclusion in the comment section.

It is disgusting that the left has been more focused on outing President Trump then getting behind him and leading our nation successfully. It has become abundantly clear that the left does stand for America at all. They are only concerned with creating more division in the country by resisting Trump.

Hopefully, the voters in the country will remember these disgusting antics and vote away these traitors in the mid-term elections.

If we don’t show up and vote for our Republican leaders, then our country will be lost for good.

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