“Tough” Armed Robber Brought to Tears After 3 Women Outsmart Him

We’ve seen some pretty dumb criminals over the years here at Conservative Tribune. Of them, however, there’s a pretty good chance that John Bell takes the cake.

Bell, 22, pled guilty to aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon regarding an incident at Latino Cellular in Houston back in 2017. The whole thing didn’t get too much attention — until, that is, Houston police released video of the incident.

In it, Bell can be shown being brought to tears after his own stupidity got himself locked inside the store waiting for the police to come.

According to KPRC-TV, Bell walked into the store at about 11:50 a.m. on April 17, 2017 and demanded the employees open the cash register.

However, the employee refused. Bell, apparently not willing to go through with any sort of violence to get the money from the register, decided to go to a back office to look for money. According to Basit Mian, he and his wife had previously been robbed by Bell and he knew where to find the money.

However, astute readers may begin to see just what was about to befall our genius brigand: As Bell rifled around in the back room, Mian’s wife instructed everyone to get out and locked the door behind Bell.

“My wife got my employee and a customer with a baby carriage out of the store real quick and had the store locked,” Mian said about how his wife and the two other women in the store outsmarted Bell.

“I couldn’t believe how much courage she had and she was not scared at all,” Mian said. “She was my hero for that day and she has always been my hero and I am just so proud of.”

It wasn’t until Bell came out of the back that he realized the dire straits he was in.

After looking around, Bell tried shooting at the door. That didn’t work. Neither, in fact, did Bell’s numerous attempts to throw himself against the reinforced glass — a move that wouldn’t have made much difference anyway, considering the bars on the outside of the door.

“F***, I’m going to jail, bro,” Bell can be heard saying.

Eventually, a tearful Bell gives up, pleading with someone outside to release him.

“Please,” Bell implored a man outside. “Please, I have nothing, please.” He then dropped to his knees in prayer.

It’s worth noting that while it’s never too late to beseech the Lord Almighty, perhaps doing so a few minutes earlier would have yielded a more profound and helpful response from ol’ INRI — namely a morsel of sagacity that would have kept you out of the store in the first place, say.

Eventually, Houston police arrived on the scene and arrest Bell, thus temporarily putting an end to one of the least promising careers in criminal history.

Bell, who had also been arrested in connection with an aggravated robbery case in 2015, was sentenced to five years in prison. At least nobody there has to worry about his chances of escaping.

H/T Fox News

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