Scott Baio Breaks Silence, Speaks Out for the First Time on Sexual Abuse Claims Against Him

In an avalanche of sexual harassment accusations against celebrities and politicians in America, no soul was spared.

Still, many celebrities came forward, dismissing all allegations as false. Such is the case with actor Scott Baio, who refuses to admit that he had abused a younger co-star while filming the 1980s sitcom “Charles in Charge.”

For Baio, as soon as Alexander Polinsky ousted him publicly, in a series of tweets, this rang the alarm bell.

As you could have read from his tweets, Polinsky accused Baio of “physical, mental, verbal & sexual abuse” on the set.

“My abuser thought he was above the law, above morality and beyond judgment,” Polinksy pointed out, and asked all involved or affected to keep sharing the story to raise awareness.
This week, Baio confessed he wasn’t sure which sort of behavior could have provoked Polinsky to step forward with such horrendous allegations.

“Unfortunately, I have no idea what incident or incidents Alexander may be describing,” he said as soon as Polinsky’s allegations came out.

This provoked Baio to consult his “advisers” and was told that “the only appropriate venue for reporting these crimes is a special bureau set up by the Los Angeles police department, and we will be in touch with them shortly to share this article.”

He also addressed his accuser to go through with the case via specialized officers who “investigate many such circumstances quickly and with sensitivity.”
Polinsky discussed the abuse in a wave of tweets this week.

He even warned to go forward with the story on the media, should Baio decide not to address the accusations directly.

Actress Nicole Eggert, who is a “Charles in Charge” cast member, sided with Polinsky, urging people on Twitter to, quote: “Please retweet!”

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