North Carolina Just Made A Special Month For Muslims – Here’s What They Are Given SICK Permission To Do

We’re only into the second week of Ramadan and already Muslims around the world have been going nuts carrying out terror attacks, as the death toll continues to rise across Europe and the Middle East. Muslims believe that they have extra benefits if they kill infidels during their holy month, which is why we’ve seen such an increase in attacks since Ramadan began. But as liberals’ love affair with these radical vermin continues to reach a fever pitch, Democrats in North Carolina have just come up with a sickening new way to stand in solidarity with these murdering savages, proving once again whose side they are truly on.

As bloody jihad rages across the globe, Democratic commissioners in North Carolina are moving forward with their pathetic pandering, meeting for a town hall meeting to not only talk about the “rich history of Islam and Ramadan,” but voted in approval for their city to dedicate the entire Month of June as “Ramadan Month.” Republican Commissioner Jim Puckett immediately questioned why two of his colleges were down with dedicating the month of June to Islamic observance, saying that the move seemed “a bit close to the government endorsing religion” as similar benefits for Christians observing lent season or Jews recognizing Hanukkah does not exist in their city.

“To the best of my knowledge we have never (and I don’t think it would be proper) adopted a Resolution in support of Lent (the Judean/Christian Ramadan) Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, Passover, Yom Kippur, Pioneer Day for Mormons, or Diwali,” Puckett said in an email to colleagues Tuesday afternoon.

But Puckett’s common sense advice fell on deaf ears, as the board’s clerk sent an email on Tuesday saying that the proclamation to make June Ramadan month had been added to the city’s agenda. The Democrats leading the charge of insanity were George Dunlap and Dumont Clarke, where Commissioner Trevor Fuller took the lead to sell the BS to the city, going on a propaganda-filled rant about the “rich history” of Islam and Ramadan during the city meeting, completely ignoring how many people have been brutally slaughtered over the month of Ramadan.

Muslim leaders across the world continue to put forth orders to their followers, instructing their foot soldiers to carry out as many attacks as possible during Ramadan, saying that “is a good time to kill people.” Of course liberal morons will completely ignore what Ramadan is truly about, as their love for terrorists continues to rage on.

Islam expert and political pundit Robert Spencer explained thoroughly in a recent article just exactly what the month of Ramadan means for Muslims, and why we should be extremely vigilant during this time as a way to keep our families and communities safe for what these Islamists have planned:

Ramadan is upon us, and the Islamic State has called upon Muslims to show their piety during this month by carrying out jihad attacks in the U.S., Europe and Russia. In a new video, Muslims are told to “wait and hide for them,” that is, non-Muslims, “in houses, corners, roads,” and kill them. This is reminiscent of the Qur’an’s exhortation to “kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush” (9:5), and constitutes yet another reminder that Ramadan is quintessentially the month of jihad.

A jihad group explained it back in 2012: “The month of Ramadan is a month of holy war and death for Allah. It is a month for fighting the enemies of Allah and God’s messenger, the Jews and their American facilitators.” Referring to a jihad attack that happened at that time, the message continued: “One of our groups aided by Allah managed to bomb a bus full of Jewish tourists, plunderers of holy lands, after careful tracking. The holy war is not confined to a particular arena and we shall fight the Jews and the Americans until they leave the land of Islam.

During Ramadan, Muslims are exhorted to renew and deepen their devotion to Allah. Hence it is a time when they’re supposed to grow more generous and kind toward their fellow Muslims. However, the Qur’an says: “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him are severe against disbelievers, and merciful among themselves” (48:29). If the Ramadan imperative is to become more devout, the Muslim who applies himself diligently to the Ramadan observance will simultaneously become more both merciful to his fellow Muslims and more severe against the unbelievers.

Any liberal who truly believes that Ramadan consists of Muslims sitting around on prayer mats while chanting “peaceful” verses of the Quran is perhaps much more stupid than we ever gave them credit for. Murdering infidels doesn’t at all conflict with the spirit of Ramadan, but rather embodies it. Warfare against infidels during this holy month goes all the way back to the days of Muhammad, where tradition has been passed on through their Islamic scholars that the month of Ramadan is where the “greatest battles” for Allah will be fought, as Muhammad fought the “battles of his lifetime” during this “blessed month of jihad” with “zeal and enthusiasm.”

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