Man Bursts Into Flames After Police Fire Taser Gun

Tasers and tear gas are supposed to give police an edge without needing to resort to lethal options… but it’s probably a good idea to keep them separate.

That’s what cops found out several years ago, when an arrest took a dramatic and unexpected turn. Although the incident happened in 2013, newly-released video of the altercation is only receiving attention now… and you’ll understand why when you see it.

It turns out that dousing a suspect in tear gas and then hitting him with a high-voltage Taser is actually a recipe to light him on fire.

Before the anti-police brigade storms America’s streets, it should be pointed out that this happened in liberal France, where many police don’t even carry guns on a daily basis.

“The footage was recorded on one of the police officers’ body cameras and shows an attempted arrest at Place de la Nation in Paris,” reported The Daily Mail.

“The suspect, seen shirtless with injuries on his arms and chest, can be heard shouting at police officers; ‘I feel like taser-ing your mother. Why don’t you taser?’”

Police tried to avoid using the powerful but usually non-lethal Taser device, despite the crazed man apparently encouraging them to do it.

“Despite initial protest, the officers use a taser at the same time as another officer users tear gas, which causes the man to be engulfed in flames.”

That’s definitely one way to get a suspect to start listening!

“The man, who is well over 6ft tall , collapses on the ground,” continued the U.K. newspaper. “The officer with the taser shouts: ‘Guys, don’t use gas! Who the f*** gassed him?!’”

Incredibly, the man reportedly escaped the incident unharmed… or at least as unharmed as you can be after being tased, gassed, and lit on fire.

“One of the officers throw himself on top of the burning man to put out the flames, and he was reportedly later arrested and did not suffer any serious injury.

“The force held an internal police investigation into the incident, but no action has reportedly been taken against any individual,” explained the paper.

While the video is allegedly being used in France to rile up anti-police sentiment, the reality is that this shows the crazy situations that officers often face, whether in America or Europe.

The suspect definitely seemed to be violently out of control, and even harassed the officers into using a Taser. Creating a fire clearly wasn’t the intent… but it would probably be a smart plan to read the manual next time.

H/T Tribunist

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