Jesse Ventura Settles ‘American Sniper’ Lawsuit, Takes Final Shot at War Hero Chris Kyle with a New Nickname

Despite having settled his defamation lawsuit, Jesse Ventura felt no remorse going after the late Chris Kyle.

Kyle and Ventura, who is a former professional wrestler and a Minnesota governor, have had a legal brawl regarding a passage in Kyle’s autobiography, “American Sniper.”

The lawsuit dragged on for years, with Ventura now going as low as to call Kyle “the American liar,” Fox News reports.

The lawsuit was first kicked off in 2012, the same year when Kyle was shot and killed by a veteran suffering from PTSD. Ventura had no shame and even involved Kyle’s widow, Taya, in the mess, advising her to better apologize to him for what Kyle had said.

What troubled Ventura the most was a book passage from Kyle’s autobiography, where he speaks about a physical fight between him and Kyle which took place in a bar in California.

In his book, titled “American Sniper,” Kyle explained that Ventura, who also served as a Navy SEAL, said the well-established special operations force “deserved to lose a few” while serving missions in Iraq.

The altercation resulted in Kyle punching Ventura, forcing him to collapse.

Kyle mentions no names in his book but calls the man as “Scruff Face,” an identity profile he later related to Ventura.

Ventura wasn’t having any of it and dismissed the story as true on several occasions.

“I offered the ‘American Liar’ Chris Kyle the opportunity to show honor and courage, and he didn’t have it,” he said.

Although he didn’t reveal details of the settlement, he seemed quite pleased with himself and the outcome.

“The settlement is confidential, but I can smile,” Ventura said.

Back in 2014, a jury sided with him and gave him almost $2 million in damages. However, the verdict was quickly overruled.

Ventura took the chance to have one final go against Kyle’s book.

“This was fake news, people,” he said. “And this was fake news at its finest. Because the whole thing is fake.”

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